Difference between Polygamy and you can Bigamy (With Desk)

Polygamy implicates the fresh individualized otherwise act having several spouses otherwise husbands at the a given moment in time. Bigamy is generally an offense in certain regions within business. Polygamy are a spiritual or social habit that is recommended by the norms out of certain communities.

What is actually Polygamy?

Polygamy refers to the practice of maintaining multiple partners within same day. From the Greek code, ‘poly’ setting ‘over one’, hence, polygamy are a common identity that is used to indicate a wedding with several people. Such multiple lovers within this an effective polygamous matrimony are entirely familiar with marriagemindedpeoplemeet for every single other’s lives and specific roles.

Even though polygamy was unlawful a number of countries all over the world, there are particular religious and you will social prescriptions that approve the practice from polygamy. Muslims try religiously permitted to practice polygamy. There was constantly just one home during the a good polygamous matrimony, where every couples alive together.

Polygamous marriage ceremonies should be out of two types- polyandry and polygyny. Whenever a man was married so you’re able to one or more girl, the practice is known as polyandry. If you are in the event that a female is actually hitched so you can several boy, the newest practice is called polygyny. Polyandry shall be subsequent subdivided on the fraternal and you may non-fraternal categories. Polygyny might be both of the sororal otherwise low-sororal versions.

What is Bigamy?

Bigamy is the habit of marrying just one whenever a person is nevertheless legitimately hitched to a different individual. It’s fundamentally utilized as the an appropriate identity so you’re able to connote an effective criminal offenses. The word ‘bigamy’ has also came from this new Greek words, where ‘bi’ setting several. For this reason, bigamy ‘s the habit of stepping into a marriage deal to have the following go out, instead of legitimately severing the original marriage package having a legitimately approved breakup.

Out-of a legal standpoint, next ous martial alliance, the 2 people on it often have zero knowledge of for each and every other people’s lifetime. Furthermore, a couple ist to continue concealing so it alliance.

No matter if bigamy is greeting in a number of countries globally, it’s believed unlawful inside the nearly all societies. Additionally, bigamy does not have a similar spiritual and cultural support due to the fact polygamy. It’s a phrase essentially invoked in the court of law.

Fundamental Differences when considering Polygamy and you may Bigamy

  1. Part of the difference in polygamy and you may bigamy is the fact polygamy is actually the latest personalized or practice of which have multiple spouses in one day, while you are bigamy ‘s the operate of experiencing one or two marriages instead of securing a legal severance in the earliest lover.
  2. Polygamy is actually an appropriate behavior in lots of countries globally. Additionally, it may become a spiritual or social treatments in some groups. Bigamy is regarded as unlawful for the majority countries worldwide.
  3. Always, bigamy doesn’t always have the sanction off religion therefore. But not, polygamy is actually religiously sanctioned for almost all organizations including the Muslim area. In lots of teams, social prescriptions favor polygamous ous ones.
  4. The dwelling of your property around each one of these types of ist usually retains a few ist constantly live together with her in identical home.
  5. Both different relationship associations along with disagree in terms of the level of degree the brand new spouses enjoys. Generally, in the an effective bigamous relationships, both spouses do not know each other people’s life. Contrarily, in the a great polygamous wedding, the fresh new spouses understand each other’s lifetime.
  6. Two types of polygamous marriages was you can. Polyandry and you can polygyny would be the a few subdivisions away from polygamous y really does not have like differences.


Polygamy and you can bigamy was both known forms of marriages. They could be evaluated just like the synonyms, negating the minute differences the two terminology embody. However, there are some essential dissimilarities between your words you to write off the associated need.

Polygamy ‘s the act regarding in addition keeping multiple ous y is actually an expression especially used to connote a posture where one marries into next day instead lawfully divorcing the initial spouse. The amount of partners in an excellent bigamous relationship is definitely a few.

Bigamy is even an expression fundamentally utilized in a judge out of laws in order to condemn that it practice of keeping a couple partners versus legally splitting up from the partner of the earliest y isn’t illegal a number of communities global.

In the case of specific organizations, simple fact is that common and you will good brand of relationship. Religion and you will proscriptions both influence people to be polygamous. Contrarily, bigamy does not have such as sanctions.

There are also significant dissimilarities between them with regards to the information and knowledge of your own spouses in it and construction of your property. Whether or not both these forms of relationship alliances are present in various pieces around the globe, they may not be since widespread and you can prominent since monogamy.


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